HSA and Flex Spending Cards accepted

Initial Assessment



Not always required. See services &


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(includes Signature Treatments)


Cash or check at time of service: 80

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture


Cash or check at time of service: 85

 why do facial rejuvenation sessions cost more?

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Do you take insurance?

At the end of 2019, Basic Balance terminated contracts with all insurance companies. Although, insurance provided convenience and affordability for some, it prevented me from providing the same level of care to my patients, due to the extra steps/restrictions needed to maintain credentialing and adhere to billing policies. I thank you very much for your understanding and your continued support during this transition. 

A superbill is a receipt that includes diagnostic and procedure codes. Some insurance plans, especially those providing coverage for ‘out of network’ providers, will reimburse you the amount you paid, once they receive a superbill. Contact your insurance company to ask about the potential for reimbursement; superbills can be provided upon request, free of charge.

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