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Proactive Health Collective of Keene

Your Source for Vibrant Health NOW!

The Proactive Health Collective of Keene (PHCK) was born in March 2020 amidst the COVID-19 crisis.


After a revelation while playing his guitar, Dr. Clerkin, of  Monadnock Natural Health reached out to Dr. Matt Abatelli of Cheshire Wellness Center to discuss joining forces to use the uncertain and fearful time as an opportunity to uplift, inspire, and educate their community in regard to taking a proactive approach to health.

Allison Millar of Basic Balance, Dr. Tecia Abatelli of Cheshire Wellness Center, and Rebecca Montrone of Wondrous Roots, joined the collaboration, and just a week later, the first live webinar was recorded. 

The free live webinars are recorded via Zoom and broadcasted on Facebook Live, every Friday at 11am. 

The panelists cover various health topics, with a goal to inspire, encourage, and empower through information and education. The webinars aim to be interactive so, please send in your questions (via the Q&A chat box) or send us an email if there is a topic you'd like us to cover in the future.

Click this link to join: or, follow this link to our Facebook page where you can watch via Facebook Live:

We hope to "see" you there!

Recorded Broadcasts:

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April 10, 2020: Mindset

Panelists discuss the topic of mindset including, the influence that breath and posture have on our psyche, empowering the present moment, and the importance of self assessment. Allison Millar, Licensed Acupuncturist describes how to use the Chinese Medicine concept of 5 Elements to transform unhealthy emotions in a healthy way.

April 27, 2020: You Have More Power Than you Know

Panelists discuss innate abilities we all have, if, well nourished and cultivated, help us thrive rather than simply survive, no matter what!

May 8, 2020: All Things Connected

Our 5 panelists discuss universal fundamental principles of health and how our various healthcare approaches can help protect, improve, and even restore optimal health.

May 22, 2020: Resilience

We are designed to be able to remain healthy and strong in spite of our environment. How can we support our health to do that and to do it well? Our panel of experts offers their insights and advice.

June 5th 2020: "Mystery Illness?"

Many people go many years trying to find an answer for health problems no one seems to able to find a reason or answer for. Mainstream medicine separates systems and often fails to connect the dots. What makes our approach different?

June 19, 2020: Bacteria and "Germs" are essential to Health!

...But what is the connection between various pathogens and chronic disease? We call them "stealth pathogens." How did they get there? How do we prevent that from happening? If it's happened, what can we do about it?

Cardiovascular Health, Neuropathy & Headaches

September 4, 2020

Can anyone relate? These are common health issues, but, remember, "You have more power than you know."


 October 2, 2020

Our panelists join in to discuss whatever was most on their minds today. With an emphasis on how our modern times have dramatically impacted health in ways most us do not realize; how to counter those influences and encourage vital health in ourselves, our children, our families, loved ones, and friends.

March 27, 2020: Who we are & What we do

Panelists, Drs. Tecia & Matt Abetelli of Cheshire Wellness, Dr. Gene Clerkin of Monadnock Natural Health, Rebecca Montrone of Wondrous Roots, and Allison Millar, LAc of Basic Balance, introduce themselves as The Proactive Health Collective of Keene. Panelists discuss the concepts of energy and flexibility, as well as, an innate wisdom and power that lies within our bodies. They introduce the possibility of looking at a larger picture of health that involves more than reducing symptoms.

Panelists discuss fear-based mentality and how it relates to the current CoVid-19 pandemic including the effect it has on us, if it is warranted, and how it has come to be. Rebecca Montrone, certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, and Traditional Apothecary/Herbalist, shares her insights regarding 5G and the concept of 'one disease, one cause'.

May 1, 2020: Epigenetics!

Positive steps you can take to keep your genes "in line" and maintain optimal health and/or improve failing health.

May 15, 2020: Validating Your Own Instincts When it Comes to Health

In this webinar, we expand on last week's topic of connectivity and discuss the importance of checking in with our body, trusting it, and forming habits that serve us vs. habits that we serve.

May 29, 2020: Balance

Living a healthy and satisfying life requires balance. But how do we achieve balance? We join together today to offer our insights and tips... !

June 12th 2020: Children's Health

...Ideally begins before conception. Although there are some rare exceptions based on severe genetic problems, good health doesn't come by the luck of the draw.

Cancer and more ........ 

September 25, 2020


October 9, 2020

Women's hormonal health issues are complex, many, and always in the limelight, but what about men? Do men "cycle?" What happens to men in response to hormonal changes as they age?

For More Videos from the Proactive Health Collective of Keene, Check out our Your Tube Channel!

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