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Boosting Immunity with MUSHROOMS!

Did you know? The Animal Kingdom is more closely related to Fungi than any other Kingdom? Fungi utilizes/inhales oxygen and emits/exhales carbon dioxide, just like us! The mycelium, a large, underground network of communication shared by fungi, has been referred to as “earth’s natural internet”, communicating chemical changes and exchanging nutrients within the soil. One cubic inch of soil can contain 8 miles of mycelium cells! Over 200 mushroom species are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Agarikon, for example, is an extremely powerful immune-boosting mushroom. Agarikon, L. Officinalis, was first described in 65 AD as a treatment against Consumption (Tuberculosis). It has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, and is anti-inflammatory, meaning it’s helpful in the treatment of muscular-skeletal pain as well. Numerous Indigenous Tribes of North America, Ancient Greeks, and many Asian cultures have used it medicinally, for centuries. It has been shown to boost our bodies’ use of oxygen, which helps to fight Cancer and increase our energy levels. It also a powerful anti-oxidant, which means it fights free radical damage, which slows signs of aging. It provides high levels of nutrients like B Vitamins and trace minerals, like Copper and Selenium, which are imperative for carrying out immune functions within our bodies.

If you are considering incorporating a mushroom extract into your diet. I recommend the brand, Host Defense. Take as directed on the bottle and as always, separate doses 1 ½ hour apart from any pharmaceuticals. For more information about supplementing with Mushrooms and how Chinese Medicine can boost your immunity, come see me at Basic Balance Acupuncture at 109 Washington Street in Keene, NH.

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