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New to Basic Balance? Book a free consultation to have a casual chat (in-person or remote) where you'll discover what to anticipate during a visit, explore the alignment of our services with your health objectives, and gain insights into a personalized treatment plan. While acupuncture may not be the perfect fit for everyone or every condition, we're here to address all your inquiries with no obligation on your part. Or, if you're ready to start working together, book your first visit online or by calling 603-903-0203. We can't wait to meet you!

Acupuncture in Keene nh
basic: forming an essential foundation or starting point


  • Tired of relying on addictive opioid pain medications?​                                                         know they are harmful and you'd prefer a more natural solution

  • Cortisone injections providing temporary or little-to-no relief?                                          ...frustrated that an expensive and painful shot with possible side effects may not even work 

  • Considering surgery but you'd like to try other possible solutions first?                           

      ...and you can't afford the recovery time from surgery, especially without a guarantee it will help

  • Chronic Migraines or tension headaches interfering with your daily activities?                     ...tired of needing to cancel your plans and spend time trying to ease the pain

  • Feel caught in a trap of not being able to exercise?                                                                           ...if you weren't in pain, you could lose that weight, which would help your pain

  • Suffered an injury and looking to accelerate your recovery?                                    need to get back in the game!

Think of Chinese Medicine as a different language for medicine. According to Chinese Medicine, pain happens because, substances that flow through pathways within our bodies, become blocked. Treatment for pain involves the use of acupuncture and moxibustion, and often, guasha and cupping, to move these blockages.

Moving these blockages stimulates circulation to/through the area(s) of pain, allowing for your body’s naturally occurring anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving (encephalin) compounds to do their jobs, speeding up the recovery/repair process.

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"will acupuncture hurt?"

"how many treatments will I need?"

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on back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, & hip pain, migraines, and menstrual cramps.


  • Difficulty sleeping keeping your body from feeling its best?​​​ ​​             ...tossing and turning, while the 'rest of the world' is sound asleep

  • Want to be more productive but just can’t find the energy?               ...turning to unhealthy stimulants, just to make it through the day 

  • Not getting over colds as quickly as you used to?                    don't have the time or money to take off work for being sick 

  • Can't kick the constant post-nasal drip or sinus headache?              ...fed up of the same seasonal allergies, year after year

  • Stress affecting your health or happiness?                                           ...and you find yourself taking it out on your loved ones

  • Want a live a balanced life, prevent illness, and keep healthy?       ...fearful of toxins and stress taking their toll, later in life


To discover the underlying cause of your insomnia, weakened immune system, propensity to allergies, and low energy levels, an acupuncturist may take your pulse, observe your tongue, and ask you questions. This provides them with a diagnosis, which they will tailor their treatment to.

Common diagnoses in Chinese Medicine include, “Liver Qi Stagnation”, “Kidney Yang deficiency”, or “Spleen Qi Deficiency”. Treatments for such patterns of imbalance may include acupuncture and moxibustionThese modalities are aimed to rebalance the system, putting the body in the best possible position it can be in to heal itself.


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"what are you looking for on my tongue?"

"what can you tell from my pulse?"

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on improved energy levels, insomnia, and allergies 


  • Feel like a victim to your hormones?                                                        ... your partner says you're a different person 'that time of the month'

  • Get irritable, sad, or anxious before or during your menstrual cycle?        ...PMS causing you to lash out at your loved ones or crying at anything 

  • Routinely feel bloated, get headaches or suffer menstrual cramps?         ...tired feeling uncomfortable and being in pain every single month

  • Looking to achieve balance again after a hysterectomy?             are not adjusting to the operation as easily as you had hoped

  • Hot flashes and mood changes getting in the way of living your life?    ...embarrassed by facial flushing and wish you felt like your normal self

  • Tried everything for fertility but still not able to conceive?                        ...wonder why it's not happening; you're both viable as far as you know


In Chinese Medicine, we recognize "Yin" and "Yang" and try to balance these with each treatment. Yin is a nourishing, calming, nutritive substance. It is depleted with age and by overwork and inadequate rest. Many hormonal symptoms, especially hot flashes and night sweats, are the result of a lack of yin in the body. Treatments for such conditions involve building yin by strengthening respective organ systems and dispelling "empty heat" from the body.

Other women's health issues may involve what Chinese Medicine refers to as, "stagnation". This means energetic pathways within the body are not flowing as smoothly as they could.  Examples of such cases may involve symptoms of PMS, especially irritability and depression, and/or menstrual cramping. In such cases, treatments are aimed at moving such blockages.

Acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbs, and nutritional recommendations may be used in the treatment of women's health conditions. 

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"how does acupuncture work?"

"what training is required to practice acupuncture?"

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on menstrual cramps, pain from endometriosis, and hormonally-triggered migraines


  • Anxiety holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest?                                 ...can't shake the feeling in your body that something 'just isn't right'

  • Feeling joyless, even though you have plenty of reasons you should be happy? ...other people carry on just fine with life's adversities; 'why can't I?'"

  • PMS making you irritable and straining your relationship?                             ...your partner feels like he is walking on egg shells one week every month

  • Looking to handle PTSD with natural methods, not medications?                need a healthy escape from anxiety, unsettled feelings and nightmares

  • Depression keeping you from enjoying the wonderful things in your life? 's so difficult to just get out of bed; everything seems so black and white​

  • In need of support to gracefully transition through grief?                                   ...looking for help letting go; it's time to move forward in a position direction


When emotions (sadness, anger, fear, and worry) are expressed and allowed to flow through the body, they are a healthy constituent of what makes us human. However, when they are unable to flow- often, due to blockages in energetic pathways within the body, emotions can become long-standing and detrimental to our health.

In such cases, treatment with Chinese Medicine will be aimed on correcting imbalances within the organ system or systems, involved- the Liver/Gallbladder system for anger/irritability, the Lung/Large Intestine system for grief, the Kidney/Bladder system for fear, the Heart/Small Intestine system for anxiety or mania, and the Spleen/Stomach organ system for worry and overthinking, respectively.


Using acupuncture to free up blockages in energetic pathways releases these 'blocked' emotions from the nervous system in a healthy way. Moxibustion is used to address the underlying cause of the lingering emotional imbalance by strengthening the organ system, and guasha can help to release trauma that is often, stored within the body. Lifestyle recommendations are often recommended for emotional conditions, as well. 

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“is acupuncture safe?"

"what can I expect from a treatment?"

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  • Trying to be healthy but confused by conflicting dietary information?             ...worried you may need to live only on kale and quinoa for the rest of your life!

  • Stress negatively affecting your health and happiness?                       's making you impatient and anxious and, you can't turn off the mind chatter
  • Want to prevent illnesses from occurring down the line?                               ...hereditary diseases run in your family and you want to prevent going down that path 
  • Wonder if you can feel better than you already feel?                                   ...always been interested in acupuncture and you want to see what its all about!
  • Looking to increase you endurance and flexibility?                            take good care of yourself but, you could use an extra boost
  • Want to prevent bugs, colds, and flu?                                                     ...everyone around you is sneezing or coughing; you don't have time to be sick!                                                
Stress Relief

Acupuncture puts your body in the best possible position it can be in to heal itself.


Because Chinese Medicine uses the pulse and tongue to diagnose imbalances in the body, disorders and conditions can be treated preventatively, even before they manifest as symptoms within the body.

Preventative health not only helps you feel your best and function at your optimal potential; it saves money and time in the long run. 

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"can i come for acupuncture even if I don't have symptoms?"

"why are exercise and massage important branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?"

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  • Fed up with Acne? Still showing up, even into middle age?              've tried everything; "can't I be done with this already!"

  • Would love to look younger but don't want botox?                                 ...the thought of injecting a neurotoxin into the body does not sound appealing

  • Enjoyed too much fun in the sun and want to renew your skin?                 ...if you had only used that sunscreen!

  • Age spots and dark circles don't reflect the age you feel?                     ...wish you could restore that supple, vibrant skin that used to glow 

  • Want to indulge in relaxation while getting a health boost?    

  • ...feel guilty spending money on vanity; you want to improve your health, too


Color light therapy. Female face under the red light .jpg


  • A deeply rejuvenating experience!

  • Red light is FDA Approved for​ anti-aging, hair loss reversal, acne treatment, pain relief, slow to heal wounds & fat loss

  • Red light has also shown to be effective for reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, accelerating recovery from injuries, and improving cognitive health, memory, and concentration

  • Add to facial rejuvenation acupuncture for additional anti-aging effect

  • Sessions take place on amethyst biomat for added relaxation and anti-inflammatory effect 

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