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New To Acupuncture?

A Signature Treatment is a great way to start

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the aim of a treatment is to correct underlying imbalances within the body. For this reason, a treatment is customized to the individual and how they present on that particular day. 

That being said, the below Basic Balance Signature Treatments can be applied to most everyone at any time. 

They can be used for:

a seasonal tune-up, 

a quick energy boost,

a mental 'reset' to calm the nerves,

an immune-boost

Read about Basic Balance's 3 Signature Treatments below to decide which treatment is best for you, or ask for Allison or Tracy's suggestion when you arrive for your appointment



Stimulates movement of energy along the front and back centerline of the body.

Running the path of the vagus nerve, the stimulated energy flow strengthens communication and connection between the gut, the heart, and the mind.

Helpful for: Not limited to, higher energy levels, increased balance, memory, clarity, and circulation, life transitions

Needles: 7

Position: Face-up


  • First, we open up the center line of the body using Ion Pumping Chords on the opening points of the Ren and Du channels; the Ren channel runs up the front of the body, along the pathway of the vagus nerve. The Du channel runs along the back of the body, through the spine. 

  • 3 more points along the center line (on the lower abdomen, the the chest, and the top of the head, further stimulate this flow.

  • Moxibustion and acupuncture on a point on the inner ankles 'root the treatment', keeping the energy anchored with strength from the kidneys; the kidneys, in Chinese Medicine, govern the will to live. 



Strongly moves energy throughout the body.

Establishes a feeling of being grounded and connected to the Earth.

Helpful for: Not limited to, muscle tension, stress, physical pain, anxiety, worry, insomnia, PMS 




  • First, we combine two of the most moving points in the body, one in the foot and one in the hand, with an adjacent point each to amplify the effect. Qi stagnation is the primary cause of both muscle tension and stress or agitation.

  • 3 auricular (ear) points are combined for muscle relaxation, grounding, and to activate the sympathetic (ie. rest/relaxation) nervous system. 

  • A 5-star point on the top of the trapezius muscles is added to descend the energy of the body, followed by a 5-star point on the legs to further guide the energy downward. 

  • To prolong effects of the treatment and further stimulate the flow of energy.  moxa is burned in a Lion warmer roller, up the inner calf and down the outer calf. 



Circulates energy upward, stimulating creativity.

Deeply calming.


Establishes a sense of tranquility within the body.

Helpful for: Not limited to, a new perspective, a sense of calm, relaxation, stress relief; depression, lethargy, or a lack of focus, drive, or motivation





  • We start with Buddha's triangle, a combination of 3 points on the inside of both wrists. These points, on the lung, pericardium, and heart pathways, open the chest and diaphragm, regulate the heart beat, and quiet the mind. 

  • 3 points on the abdomen, forehead, and just above the hairline, stimulate the flow of energy upward, directing it toward the third eye and crown chakras.

  • A point on the inside of the lower leg, opens the yin channels of the leg, stimulating rest, repair, and relaxation processes throughout the body.  

  • A point on the outside of the lower leg, strengthens the yang of the body, thus activating the movement of yin. 

  • In a Japanese technique of moxibustion, triangular ‘cones’ of the herb mugwort, are burned just below the belly button. Doing so increases immunity, metabolism, and libido, and helps one to feel more connected to and grounded within their body. ​​

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