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Clinic Policies

Last updated June 2021

Welcome to Basic Balance! 

There are 3 phases of your Treatment Plan:

Initial Phase: Initiate a shift in the intensity, duration, or frequency of the main symptoms/concerns. Spaced 2-3 x/week but no less than once per week: ____-____ Sessions

Middle Phase: Achieve the maximum improvement possible. Spacing will depend on how long you are holding the benefit. We will try to push sessions out as long as possible, as long as your body is maintaining the improvement. Spacing and duration of this phase will vary.

Maintenance & Prevention Phase: Continued treatment to hold improvement and for general health to prevent reoccurrence, re-injury, or other illness. Sessions are recommended every 4- 6 weeks, more frequently as needed (ie. after occurrence of re-injury, during high levels of stress, etc.)


How do I book my follow-up appointments?

Booking appointments in advance is encouraged. Acupuncture, like all healthcare modalities, works best cumulatively. The schedule often fills quickly, so booking ahead ensures we won’t lose momentum on your progress. If you do not see a time on the schedule that fits your availability, please use the wait list feature on the online booking system and/or notify me. We do our very best to make room for established patients.


You may book your appointment with 1 of 2 acupuncturists:

A multitude of techniques, alternative modalities, and point systems of acupuncture have evolved throughout the approx. 2500 years that acupuncture has been practiced. Each practitioner’s journey is different depending on their teachers, mentors, continued educational path, and general life experience. Thus, each practitioner’s diagnosis, point selection, and techniques differ. Licensed Acupuncturists, Allison Millar and Tracy Schreiter, practice complementary styles that allow for consistency in your treatment plan. They discuss and collaborate on cases during scheduled weekly meetings so they are on the same page regarding your care. 


For best results from acupuncture, please make an effort of the following:

Do not show up to treatment on an empty or full stomach. Be hydrated on the day of your appointment. Refrain from moderate or intense physical exercise during the day following your treatment. Sip lots of water throughout the day. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep the night following your appointment. Avoid saunas, cold plunges, or extreme temperatures during the day following your treatment. Wear whatever you like to your appointment; draping will be provided as necessary.



The following Resources are available to you via the website:

  • The Patient Resources button on the home page contains links to helpful videos, articles, and information regarding EFT/Tapping,  qi gong, yoga, stretches, educational reading, community resercouces, and more. 

  • The Educational Video Series consists of short videos on topics like “What can you tell from my tongue?”, “Living in balance with the seasons”, “3 common patterns of Insomnia” and more. 

  • Visit the Basic Balance Blog page for information on topics such as CBD, Meditation, Chinese Herbs, Guasha, Cupping , Moxa, Women’s Health, and more. If you’d like to be alerted when new blog posts are posted, you may sign up using the link on the page

  • Follow Basic Balance on Facebook for frequent posts containing various information about Chinese Medicine, helpful at-home techniques, motivational pictures/quotes, and important clinic announcements.

Clinic Policies


Online Booking: Although exceptions will be made as needed, Basic Balance uses an online booking system, which means you are able to schedule your own appointments. The link to the schedule can be found on the homepage of the website, Please let us know if you need help using the system. Reminders to book follow-up appointments for maintenance and prevention may be emailed after your initial phase of treatment. If you would like to opt out of these emails, just let us know. 


Cancellation Policy: Your appointment is reserved especially for you. Reminders of your upcoming appointment will be sent via email and/or text message. Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, the opportunity is missed to fill that appointment time and other patients miss the opportunity to benefit from a treatment.  Therefore, I respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. (This policy does not apply in cases of inclement weather; it is most important that you arrive safely).

  • ●To avoid a $50 fee, cancellations must be made before 3pm the day before the appointment. If the appointment is on Monday, the cut-off time is 3pm on Friday. 

  • ●The full cost of the treatment will be charged for ‘no-shows’ and cancellations made less than 4 hours before the appointment.

  • ●After 3 late cancellations or ‘no-shows’, you may be referred to another practitioner 


Services/ Fees & Payment:

  • Initial Assessment (30 min): 45

  • Acupuncture (60 min): 85

  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (60 min): 90

    • Acupuncture visits paid via cash or check at the time of service receive a $5 discount

    • To facilitate billing, a credit card is requested to be kept on file  

    • HSA debit cards are accepted for both products and services

    • Fees due to late cancellations or no-shows (cancellation policy below) will be requested via invoice. 

    • Payment via invoice is due within 3 days following the date the invoice is sent. If you are having trouble paying your invoice, please, let us know.

    • Invoices 10 days past due will be charged to the credit card on file.

    • Any fees incurred due to a check bouncing will be added to the balance due.

    • Basic Balance does not accept assignment, ie. bill insurance companies. A superbill can be supplied upon request at no charge. See website for more information about superbills. 


Superbill Policy: Superbills are provided free of charge if requested within 1 month of the date of service. Superbills requested more than 1 month after the date of service will incur a $2 fee per superbill. Superbills will not be generated more than one year after the date of service. 


Contact Policy: Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your email or voice mail; if a quicker response is needed, send a text message. If sending a text message, please include your name. In the case of a missed appointment or schedule change, we may leave a voicemail at the phone number you provide. Note that no personal health information will be shared. Please let us know if it is not okay to leave a voicemail. 


Cell Phone Policy: Please remember to set your cell phones to silent or vibrate before entering office. Phone calls are permitted in the clinic space for emergency only.


Late Policy: Your respect of other client’s time is appreciated and treatments will end as scheduled. Arrivals less than 15 minutes late are welcome, but are still responsible for the full fee of the treatment. If you arrive 15 minutes after the scheduled time, you may be asked to reschedule.


Privacy Note: We often consult with other acupuncturists and health care professionals in-person, via phone, email, or online forums, in the spirit of education and professional development. No identifying information will ever be shared. Please let us know if you prefer us not share any information regarding your case. 

Click below for clarification of your rights of privacy under

HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns regarding these policies or your rights to privacy

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