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Musculoskeletal Support & Pain Relief

Zheng Gu Shui: Healing of deep tendons & bones, especially the low back, knees, and shoulders; Scar tissue

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Cost: $25

Zheng Gu Shui is our #1 selling product. "Zheng Gu Shui" means "Heal the Bone". It is a Chinese herbal liniment that is used in hospitals in Asia to help patients recover from fractures; it can shed months off the healing time.

This product is excellent for pain relief and expediting healing anywhere on the body where there is bone: knees, spine, shoulders, ankles, etc.

It is also exceptional for breaking up scar tissues. Scars can block the energetic flow within the body, exacerbating symptoms. If you have any major scars, especially a C-section scar, it is a good idea to treat it with Zheng Gu Shui.

Directions: Apply to area(s) of pain or to scar(s), 2-3 times/day. Apply before CBD Clinic Stick for optimal pain relief. 

Caution: For external use only. Do not use on open wounds. Allow 30 seconds for it dry before applying clothing as, it will stain clothes. Apply with included sponge, as opposed to cotton ball, to make it last longer. 

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CBD Clinic Pain Stick: Muscle tension and/or muscle pain, especially of the neck/shoulders/upper back


The CBD Clinic Pain stick is amazing for muscular pain. It has the highest level of legal CBD available in addition to arnica, menthol, and terpenes from essential oils for added pain relief and muscle-relaxant effect. 

While Zheng Gu Shui is the go-to for bone (spine or joint) pain, CBD Clinic Pain Stick is our go-to for muscular tension or muscle pain. Being a stick, it is easy to apply to hard-to-reach areas such as the muscles on either side of the spine between the scapulas. It also keeps from getting your fingers oily and smelly. 

Patients report feeling immediate relief upon application. For enhanced pain relief effect, consider using CBD Pain stick after/on top of Zheng Gu Shui.

Directions: Apply to areas of pain or tension 2-3 times/day.

Available for pick-up. To place an order, please contact us

Cost: $80
(on sale for $65)

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Po Sum On: Knuckle pain or stiffness; For use with tiger warmer for carpal tunnel or wrist pain; Muscle tension 

Cost: $25

po sum on.png

Po Sum On Oil is our recommendation for issues of the knuckle of the fingers and toes. Being an oil, Po Sum On seeps deep into the joint space. It is a warm combination of herbs so it is better for Osteoarthritic conditions, especially when pain or mobility is worse in a damp or cold environment. For knuckle pain due to Rheumatic type arthritis, consider using Kwan Loong Oil, instead.


Po Sum on acts as an excellent lubricant under the Tiger Warmer Moxa Device, to stimulate healing in areas where tendons are close together. This combination is especially useful for Carpal Tunnel and wrist pain.

Some people also choose Po Sum On oil as an effective and more affordable alternative to CBD Clinic Pain Stick for musculoskeletal pain and tension relief. Many people love the smell, saying it have said that its smells like 'Christmas Cookies'.


Due to the high level of menthol, a drop of Po Sum On oil under each nostril can also work wonders for sinus congestion.


Directions: Apply to affected knuckle(s) or areas of tension or pain or apply on inner and outer wrist area before Tiger Warmer moxibustion.

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TotumVos Collagen Chews:  Joint and tendon support, strength and flexibility; Bone support (Osteopenia, Osteoporosis); Rosacea & other inflammatory skin conditions; Skin, hair, & nail strength; Heart health, Cardiovascular support


Cost: $29

Collagen is best known for hair, skin, and nails but, it is actually the building block of all things in the body including blood vessels and the microvilli of the intestines.

Suzanna, owner of TotumVos and a local of the Monadnock Region is an avid researcher and has formulated her collagen chews to the proportions for maximum effectiveness and utilization in the body. Almost all collagen that you buy in the store is bovine collagen; Suzanna uses grass-fed bovine collagen, as well as, wild-caught marine collagen, and organically-raised chicken bon broth. She also adds MCT oil and vitamin C.

TotumVos collagen chews are excellent for bone and muscle strength, digestive issues, skin conditions due to underlying digestive issues, heart health, and skin, hair, and nail strength and dexterity.

The chews are delicious! They come in 3 flavors: Lemon/Turmeric, Mocha, and Chai Beet flavors. 

Directions: Recommended dose based on current research is one chew daily however, if cost is a factor, patients report improvement with just 1/2 chew per day. 1 bag contains 14 chews in 2 individually sealed bags. Consume within 1 week of opening individually sealed bag if kept at room temperature or within 2 weeks if kept refrigerated. 

Available for pick-up. To place an order, please contact us

Kwan Loong Oil: Acute injuries with inflammation, redness, and heat; Pain conditions worse with heat; Rheumatoid arthritic joint or knuckle pain; Headaches, dizziness, motion sickness

kwang loon oil.jpeg

Kwan Loong Oil is the best liniment of choice when the pain is worse with hot temperatures, such as in the summer time or after a hot shower. Rhumatic pain is especially helped by Kwan Loong oil, when there is swelling of the joints, they are red, and feel hot to-the-touch.

Kwan Loong Oil has a very high amount of menthol and many patients find relief from headaches, dizziness, or motion sickness to place a drop on the hairline on both sides of the head at the level of the temples.
Directions: Apply 2-3 times/day. 

Available for pick-up. To place an order, please contact us

Cost: $15

TDP Infrared Heat Lamp: Inflammation, Circulation, Promotes healing 

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“The BioEnergy Patch” is a 1″ disk made from a poly vinyl blend of material embedded with 22.8% organic carbon fragments into the material for the purpose of storing and transferring frequency in the form of sub-harmonic signals. It is joined together with a “FDA skin approved” adhesive made by the 3M Company to prevent the growth of bacteria when applied to human skin for the suggested [3 day] wearing period of each patch. It is designed to interact with the energy of the human body to balance cellular communication for a specific therapy that is infused into each BioEnergy Patch.

This patch is designed to address inflammation in the body that causes most pain syndromes. Provides essential bio-frequencies designed to stimulate nerves and block pain signals being sent by the injury site.

Application: Consider using when experiencing: Pain associated with normal activity, leg cramps, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel, achy joints, ankle pain, pain when walking and lack of energy.

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Sleep & Stress Support
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Detoxification & Energy Enhancement
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Gut & Sinus Support
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Memory & Nerve Health
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Moxa Products
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